Thursday, 3 April 2014

Pilot research study of reading in deaf school leavers

Rachel England, a Deaf research assistant working for City University under the direction of Dr Fiona Kyle is carrying out a pilot study of reading in deaf school leavers. She is inviting severely or profoundly Deaf young people in school years 10 or 11 to take part. See poster below for more details or contact Dr Fiona Kyle:

Saturday, 29 March 2014

PDDCS Deaf Friendly cycling sessions

The first block of deaf friendly cycling sessions, despite the bitter winds and snow, proved to be a success with the deaf young people. Thorpe Venture has secured funding to offer a second block, starting 8th May for a 6 week period.

For further details contact

Easter holiday activities - Jack Hunt School

Jack Hunt School are continuing to run holiday activities during the Easter break. For more details see the information below.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Research participants request

Re-posted from deaf-uk-jobs:

"I'm doing a research project at Queen Mary, University of London, on British Sign Language used by deaf signers.​ The study is about how specific disfluencies occur in BSL.

I'm looking for participants to include in my study, the criteria are:

- Aged 18+
- Describe BSL as a daily/native language
- right-handed signer (right hand = dominant hand for signing)

For data collection, participants will be video recorded doing 4 picture-naming tasks and some related communication. Video footage will only be used for this research project.

Please contact me to arrange a meeting (sooner = better) if interested in supporting my research. Email:"

Ermes Amin