Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Poem: Thanks To the Webshop Taskforce!

Thanks to the Webshop Taskforce!

I went to Jack Hunt School Today
Because 'thank you' is what I wanted to say
For all your help with our internet shop
You kids from Jack Hunt are the cream of the crop

All sitting happy round the meeting room table
You bunch of kids are willing and able
to check out the stuff we have on our site
and put them in the places that you thought were right

So I popped along on Wednesday to see my new mates
and give you all some certificates
to say thanks for your help - you lot are the best
Action on hearing loss consider ourselves blessed

So here's to Ayesha, Javaria - thank you!
And Naila, Fatima and Marcela - you too!
Dont forget Nicoleta and Zaimah of course
You make a fantastic webshop taskforce!

From Andy!

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  1. Awwww thz Andy!
    Ur visit was a surprise and thanks for that!
    Btw thank u 4 de certificate...realli appreciate them!


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