Monday, 7 May 2012

Sign the petition to give deaf people equal access to healthcare

A new petition has been launched to pursuade healthcare commissioners to ensure that deaf people are given access to professional communication support when using healthcare.

The petition claims that deaf people can be left confused about their medical conditions due to a lack of communication support and this situation must change.

It ties in with this year's deaf awareness week, beginning today, focusing on access to healthcare for deaf people.

Andy Palmer, Secretary of the PDDCS said: "For too long, the needs of many people with hearing loss have been ignored by the doctor of NHS. Imagine how it would feel discussing your own health and only being given half the picture? This petition is important and we fully support it because it can show a united front to decision makers in the NHS and get them to put the communication needs of deaf people to the top of the priority list."

"BSL is an officially recognised language in this country and that status means BSL should be supported by the NHS in a full and proactive way. But it's not just BSL that is important. There are also hundreds of thousands of people with hearing loss who do not use BSL but encounter the same problems. Their needs are equally important and should be recognised too."

Sign the petition here..

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