Thursday, 14 June 2012

Poetry war - the first reply

Well a few weeks back Andy submitted his second poem and invited some competition for this poetry war. The first reply has been received...

Jack Hunt

I left Jack Hunt in 1992
And brings memories with me
20 or so years later, I came back to Jack Hunt to work
Everyday I walked to work I'll smiled
The memories are around Jack Hunt School
Which is beautiful!
Some teachers are still around after all those years !!
Jack Hunt have change alot since I left
Thinking how lucky the deaf students are now
They all have those lessons and learn
With all those lovely Ladies and two gentlemen TAs
And a wonderful 'deaf Team' Leader who work hard to get things organised
I wish in 1987 that Jack Hunt School would give me the chance
the lessons that I wanted to attend
And the TAs when I do my exams
I was all alone in a quiet sport hall
Wasn't allowed to have TA sit next to me
I just want to understands the questions
I believe I have better results
I'm glad Jack Hunt School have the chance to give them the lessons that I wanted in the past
I loved geography and keen to learn history
The students smiled when they receive the postcards,they know they done well in lessons
They bright, funny, cheeky and a tease
Most of all, they all good students and do well in many years to come
If I wasn't in Jack Hunt school now I wouldn't have wrote poems !!!!!
Jack Hunt a great mainstream school

by Deaf TA


  1. Brought a tear to my eye!!it's lovely to know how proud you feel to work with our precious little gang.

  2. I loved it. Expect me to return fire once I get a poetry bomb from a pupil too.


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