Thursday, 19 July 2012

Watch Calum Daly's Directing Debut!

Check out this excellent video competition entry of 14 year old Year 9 student Calum Daly, who recently moved from a specialist school for the deaf to the mainstream School, Jack Hunt in Peterborough.

Calum wrote, directed, edited, dubbed and produced the film on his own, including taking full responsibility for casting and organising rehearsals, despite only being in the school for 5 weeks. 

Although he is a profoundly deaf BSL user, Calum also considered his hearing audience, so selected and added the music for the soundtrack as well. We think he has done a fantastic job, and hope you agree! In any case we will be using Calum’s film in school to develop deaf awareness.

Well done Calum on a job well done .. I wonder what Charlie Swinbourne or Ted Evans would make of it? 

Some reaction on Twitter ..

And some feedback on Youtube


  1. I bet Calum will have a lot of questions for Ted and Charlie when he meets them at the evening planned for September :)

  2. Great short Calum, it's very clear and informative. Impressive! - Ted Evans

  3. Good on you too Javaria - a super star !!

  4. Well Done Javaria and Calum!

  5. Thanks Ted for your comments! Well done to Calum and Javaria for an excellent video! Brilliant work.


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