Saturday, 29 September 2012

Award Winning Deaf Actor Jacob Casselden coming to Peterborough

Following hot in the footsteps of Ted Evans and Charlie Swinbourne coming to talk about their careers in writing and film making, Award winning actor and dancer, Jacob Casselden, is coming to Peterborough to deliver acting and drama classes.

Jacob has starred in film and on stage and is well respected - winning Best International Deaf Male Actor award at the Milan Festival Internazionale di Cinema E Video Sordo, for his role in the film Nectar and shortlisted for his role in Tribes in London's West End in 2010. (see video below)

The class dates are yet to be arranged - but keep checking PDDCS news for updates.

There will be an announcement soon on PDDCS plans to make film to enter into Young DeafFest 2013 and how to get involved. Jacob's involvement means that PDDCS have a top trio of British Deaf film making and acting talent on board to help with the production of a film. With Charlie Swinbourne and Ted Evans already agreeing to act as consultants to the project, Jacob's contribution to the performance side gives the kids of Peterborough the best start possible.

Keep checking back for more news on the film making project and dates of Jacob's acting sessions. Follow Jacob on twitter here

This video is from 2010 - the dates mentioned have now passed

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