Monday, 3 September 2012

Follow the build-up to the next Deaflympics

Don't forget amid the excitement of the Olympic and Paralympic Games that deaf athletes have their own games next year in Sofia. You can read about the build up on twitter by following Craig Crowley who is the President of the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf.


  1. It may be of interest I have posted to 'READ HEAR' recently condemning the deaflympic approaches and next Friday an response is to be given to me by their CEO. Deaf have lost so much ground with this cultural dogma, to the degree deaf sports people are zeroed today. We should be at the Paralympics and stop messing about. Deaf awareness is zerod too, all we could put up was jugglers and terps....

  2. Can you elaborate on why Deaf athletes should be at the paralympics? Is there something I am missing here? I was under the impression that Deaf athletes have their own Deaf Olympics unless they also have a learning or physical disability. I am an amputee (I also have a hearing loss but am not Deaf although my son is Deaf) - when I swim I am obviously slower than a non-disabled swimmer. But a Deaf swimmer is no slower. Surely the whole Deaf argument for equality was a linguistic one rather than one about disability? Or am I missing something? Please explain.

  3. Ok - sorry - I understand - it's to do with the lack of funding for the Deaflympics compared to the much greaer amount of funding channelled into the paralympics.


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