Thursday, 31 May 2012

Family Fun Day images

Happy Girl - Angry Bird: Chloe Peacock show's what on offer

Some of the goodies for sale

Smiler! Daniel Monaf enjoys the colouring

Easy does it .. William Palmer working the clay

Here's a few we made earlier: Some of the kids creations

Focus: Leah Monaf adds to her creation 

Sweet ball of lollipops! All for the kids, all for free!

And the winner is: Chloe Peacock's gymnastics medal haul is incredible

Welcome to PDDCS! Charlene Spires and Anna Baker give a warm welcome

And a one, two, three and four .. Music and the Deaf: Performing arts and warming hearts.

Katie Bocking: Jumps out of planes and plays the cello

Chyanne Golding: Jumps out of planes and plays the Cello. 

Keeping the rhythm: Calum MacDonald on the drums
Thanks to the lovely Kirsty D for the communication support

Chyanne Golding and Katie Bocking. Respect.  

Whack it! William Palmer plays the Indian Drums

Indian Dancing

William, Chloe, Katie, Calum and William dancing

Adrian Fisher shows his boy the ropes...sorry sticks.

The cake decorating area proved very popular .. and colourful

Try and say they don't look awesome .. see .. impossible

Chyanne Golding's invention this - using nail varnish to create fantastic patterns on paper. 

A big screen showed off what PDDCS is about all day long. 

Andy Palmer presents John Cheetham with his specially engraved tankard

And gives him a hug

The crowd look on during the presentation

Andy Palmer presents TQ with a gift to thank her for all her help

Andy Palmer presents Jack Hunt School Head Teacher, Pamela Kilbey with a gift.

Nicola Epathite rewards a youngster for her awesome cake decoration

And she runs away very happy!

Chloe Peacock gets a special mention for all her achievements in the gymnasium

And finally .. Andy Palmer springs a surprise on Nicola Epathite and gives her big bunch of flowers to say thanks for everything she does.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Congratulations to Moho

Moho started secondary school and I started my teaching career with Moho as one of my students. Over the years I, like many others,  have proudly watched Moho grow up into a very mature and responsible young man - a great role model for the young deaf students he currently mentors.

Time passes too quickly though as the once young cheeky Moho got married last month. Thank you to Moho, who has kindly shared a few wedding photos with us. I think everyone will agree Moho and his wife look absolutely stunning. The PDDCS members offer them both many best wishes for their future together.   


Monday, 28 May 2012

Actress for lead role in BSL Film - London, UK

For the budding actresses among you - Request from BSLBT:
We are looking for a deaf Muslim girl between the age of 18-22 to play Zarah, the lead role in Raabia Hussain's ZOOM film for the BSLBT.
This is a touching story of a deaf Muslim teenager in 2001 who overcomes her feelings of isolation after the xenophobic backlash after the terrorist attacks in New York.
You need not have any acting experience, but you should be comfortable being in front of a camera! The film will be broadcast on the Community Channel and on Film4.
Please respond with your details and a recent photo to
Good luck!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

3D Derby Deaf Drama 10th anniversary celebrations

This week 3D Derby Deaf Drama shared their 10th Anniversary Celebration plans.

The celebrations will be taking place on Saturday 23rd June 2012 at Deda Chapel Street, Derby DE1 3GU

Activities include
Children’s workshop 2.30pm to 4.30pm :Africa Workshop, Circus Workshop
Evening performance at 7pm with a variety of artists

3D will be performing “3D Who”

Interpreters provided

For more information, contact 01332 370911 (Typetalk)

Book online
Tickets £10/£8     There is a package deal for workshops and performance

Friday, 25 May 2012

Deafinitely's "Love's Labours Lost" Tour Dates

This week Deafinitely Theatre’s interpretation of Love's Labours Lost performed at the Globe theatre. People I have met who watched the performance loved the energy of the show. To quote one individual "it's the first time I have enjoyed a Shakespeare play". The feedback is that it's a must see. There are still opportunities as Love's Labours Lost is on tour for the next few weeks.

The Derby date Saturday 2nd June, an outdoor performance, is free!!!

Check out Charlie Swinbourne's review here.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

John and Andy in the Evening Telegraph

John and Andy

Outgoing President John Cheetham and Secretary (at the time) Andy Palmer are in tonight's Evening Telegraph on page 21.

Andy is pictured handing a specially engraved tankard to John to mark his term as President and thank him for all his work on behalf of the area's deaf children. John served for over 25 years as President allowing PDDCS to benefit from his vast experience and contacts in the charities sector both locally and nationally. More recently, John has been instrumental in bringing Music and the Deaf to the city. John will remain on the committee.

In other news, Andy Palmer has stepped down as Secretary after his latest two-year stint but will also remain on committee to focus on PDDCS NewsHi-Five Bulletin and some special events. Andy is replaced by returning former secretary Jill Medlock. Leaving the committee are Debbie Powell, Anna Baker, Tony Brigeman and Linda Angus who PDDCS would like to thank for their efforts.

Outstanding Chairperson, Nicola Epathite, remains at the helm with Dean Monaf as Vice Chair. The rest of the committee remains the same with Adrian Fisher and Debbie Reilly joining the fold. Many thanks to all the committee, past and present, for their support in this successful year.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Lastest poetry submission

The lastest poetry submission:

My boyfriend eyes don’t have a sparkle in
His lips look like a sugary doughnut
His nose as big as the tallest mountain
His short brown hair feel like a baby but
 EHis  skin is tanned just like the Geordie shore
His cheeks look like a petal of a rose
He smells like a bar of chocolate for
He wears some lynx, I do love it, he knows
I can listen to him sing all day long
His walk so light he can hardly be heard
I am so in love I cannot be wrong
Even though he can be such a big nerd
I love he deeply in to my big heart

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Three Hundred Posts on PDDCS News .. We've only just begun

Well folks - this is post number 300 on PDDCS News! What an achievement!

In that time we've covered everything from our own events, to riots in Egypt, to sign language music videos and poetry from the kids with much more in between. Have a look at our archive for everything we have been up to...or telling you about.

Here are a few of the most popular stories since we began..

Stokes Family Appeal
Toddler Signing
I'm deaf .. so what?
William and Andy Palmer on TV
Signs for Facebook
Ed Sheeran's sign language video
Hollyoaks Star Deaf Link
Ethiopian School for Deaf Children
East Enders star's deaf daughter

Thanks for reading PDDCS News! Come back soon.

Couldn't have done it without TQ..

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Anonymous £500 boosts fire family appeal

A generous anonymous donor boosted the PDDCS appeal to help a local family of a deaf child forced to leave home after a devastating fire.

Secretary Andy Palmer presented the £500 cheque to Louisa Stokes at her home on Saturday and saw for himself the progress that is being made, in part, thanks to the £800 already donated and the time and effort of the volunteers who helped out in the weeks following the fire.

"The house is looking much better. The walls are clean and white and new door frames and skirting boards look good" Andy Palmer said.

"Louisa has been through so much and has worked continuously to get her home back to a condition where her children can come back. I have so much respect for her resilience and spirit in such difficult circumstances. I would also like to pay tribute to everyone who has donated so far, be it time, toys, clothes or money. It has all made a difference. I would also like to give a mention to the anonymous donor who boosted the appeal by £500. Thank you so much. Thanks again to everyone who has helped so far." he said.

There is still lots to do in the house including replacing furniture, carpets, the kitchen and replacing blinds and curtains. The house is still not fit for children to live in. All the work to come costs money so if you think you can contribute, please visit the Virgin Money giving page. It only takes a moment and every little helps.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Royal Court Theatre- deaf friendly efforts

Well done to the Royal Court Theatre who have extended their deaf awareness to include captioned and signed video clips about their theatre and forthcoming performances:

Jerwood Theatre Upstairs from May - June 2012
Jerwood Theatre Downstairs May - Aug 2012

Early this year Jacob Casselden starred as Billy in TRIBES at the Royal Court Theatre.

For a full list if the theatre's facilities for deaf and hearing impaired people click here

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

June half term holiday activities

As another school half term approaches Jack Hunt School have released their holiday activities which are accessible to deaf children and young people.

Sign Support can be made available with advance notice
Contact Maureen Stringer with any enquiries

June 2012 Holiday Club Flyer

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Starting University in 2012? Need advice?

This week City Lit published the following:
Starting a course at a London university in 2012?
- Unsure of the Disabled Student's Allowance application process?
- Do you know what educational services are available to you while at university?
- Would you like some advice and guidance on these and other issues? Our tutors and student support officer are here to help you. They can all use BSL or English.

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then come to City Lit for a free impartial guidance session from our trained staff.

Wednesdays, 11 – 1.30pm, from May 17th to June 16th (not including June 7th)

City Lit, Keeley Street, Covent Garden WC2B 4BA
Nearest tube: Holborn station

For further information or to book an appointment, please contact:

Monday, 14 May 2012

BSL flashcards for phonic learning

This week, a local organisation 'Communicating Hands' have announced the release of a long awaited product - BSL flashcards for phonic learning - just £12.99
Brenda has explained that they are:
"Suitable for hearing, deaf, or even children with learning difficulties and need visual aids/learning, these flash cards ( 82 cards 3 sets, colour coded and 4 information cards) have been designed to make the alphabet and phonic learning at home or at pre-school engaging, entertaining, meaningful and FUN!.
 Playing the suggested games your child will learn:
* BSL Signs and fingerspelling, which will later act as kinaesthetic memory triggers for word recognition
* The alphabet
* Letter and sound recognition
* Spell and read simple songs - and if you put this with music spelling and reading becomes even more appealing.
* Improve memory and concentration skills
* Multi-sensory learning
Endorsed by

Marilyn Daniels ( author of dancing with words and a world leading expert on using sign language to improve hearing children's literacy) we are proud of our first product and feel confident that you will enjoy them too.

Please note that these cards are not suitable for the babies. I have designed cards that are chew and dribble resistant! I hope to get these produced soon."

If you would like to purchase these at just £12.99, then go through their website here.
Brenda also runs a reading programme. For any one that would like to know more about the reading programme please contact Brenda t: 01733 358817, m: 07515 165965
speak to Brenda directly at her information stall at the PDDCS family fun day 19th May 2012 at Jack Hunt School (9.30-1.30) . The reading programmes, suitable from about 20/24 months +, only run it when there are  enough numbers.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Create a personalised book for your deaf child/sibling

Image courtesy of Squeeze Marketing 2012

Experience books have created bespoke books that can be personalised for young deaf siblings/children. The books have been developed by the parents of a Cochlear Implanted boy; John Featherstone from the ‘My Brother John’ books. Parents who have bought them have loved the books. The 20 page book can be used to explain to friends, family, carers and school staff how your child communicates, explain about their hearing loss, and show their interests and favourite things

A sample of a few pages can be viewed on the website

Worth a look...

Friday, 11 May 2012

NEW: ChildLine's Deaf Zone

Childline have a launched a new addition to their website - the Deaf Zone, an area for deaf young people. Videos are available in BSL (British Sign Language). There is much information and advice on staying safe online and cyber bullying.

Childline intend to develop this section to cover more topics and request your feedback on what you would like to see to make ChildLine better.

Check it out!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Add a badge to your profile pics!

Look, Smile, Chat logo

Stand out for deaf awareness with a cool pic-badge for your profile pic for Twitter and Facebook promoting NDCS's Look, Smile Chat campaign.

Only takes a minute and shows everyone what you're all about.

New Deaf Star in Hollyoaks Makes Debut

The new star of long-running soap Hollyoaks made his debut this week. We told readers back in January that the producers of Hollyoaks were looking for a deaf actor and the new character is called Dylan. He's deaf and uses a mixture of speech and sign language apparently (I haven't seen it because I don't watch soaps, I only watch the news).

For your convenience, here is a link to the 4od website where you can watch him - it has subtitles.

New Matched Funding date - 14th May

Localgiving have announced a new Matched funding date - 14th May

Many people kindly donated on the last localgiving date .
Each donation was doubled.

Every donation helps the PDDCS support events for deaf children and young people in Peterborough. Thank you for the support!
Click here

Zaimah's 'Sonnet'

Oh what
Beautiful eyes
You have
That I fall
In love with

Your smell
Is really
And I wish
I could be
With you.

You're my
Love and
If you
Ever leave
Me I would
Miss your
Best food
That you
Ever cooked
And your

When I
Met you
Your face
Were like
A red rose
That were
Dark maroon.

Good bye
My love.

Written in response to a challenge ..

NDCS 'Look Smile Chat' films

Check out the 4 Deaf Awareness YouTube clips from the NDCS 'Look Smile Chat' campaign

Do your bit - Share them with others

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Poem: Thanks To the Webshop Taskforce!

Thanks to the Webshop Taskforce!

I went to Jack Hunt School Today
Because 'thank you' is what I wanted to say
For all your help with our internet shop
You kids from Jack Hunt are the cream of the crop

All sitting happy round the meeting room table
You bunch of kids are willing and able
to check out the stuff we have on our site
and put them in the places that you thought were right

So I popped along on Wednesday to see my new mates
and give you all some certificates
to say thanks for your help - you lot are the best
Action on hearing loss consider ourselves blessed

So here's to Ayesha, Javaria - thank you!
And Naila, Fatima and Marcela - you too!
Dont forget Nicoleta and Zaimah of course
You make a fantastic webshop taskforce!

From Andy!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

National Deaf Awareness Posters

This week is National Deaf Awareness Week

Help raise the raise the profile by downloading and displaying these posters from the NDCS 'Look Smile Chat' campaign in your school, youth group, place of work etc