Saturday, 30 June 2012

Deaf role model project

Do you know a fantastic Deaf person who could be a Role Model and support other Deaf people?

Or maybe you are one?

Deaf Unity are working to improve the quality of life of Deaf people. In partnership with Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD) they will be launching Deaf Role Model project!

For further details check out their website -

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Our Romeo Poet Performs live

Imran writes his own poems which have inspired others and now he performs.

Last night, at the Jack Hunt School's Poetry Evening, Imran stood on stage and read his poem to a large audience of students, staff, parents and members from the local community. The flopping mic and his massive bundle of pre-stage nerves did not deter him from presenting a wonderful performance.

 What a star!!!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Successful work placement rewarded

Early this year PDDCS member, Stephen, undertook his trident work placement with Crightons of Peterborough. Despite Government recommendations to reduce work experiences to a few days Stephen enjoyed a very successful 2 week placement. The greasy monkey quickly fitted in among the Crightons team and applied the knowledge he has acquired from the Motor Vehicle course he attends each week. Stephen's efforts were recognised by the garage team and as a result Jack Hunt School awarded Stephen a gold level prize at the recent presentation evening. Thank you to Wayne Caborn for attending the evening as a representation of Crightons and Well Done Stephen!!!

Physics words get sign language equivalents

STEM-DC (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Disability Committee) have been working on a project to ensure that hearing loses don’t deter students from learning science in lessons. As a reult  116 new Physics and Engineering terms and definitions have been developed in British Sign Language. New signs helping to communicate the topics of movement, the Universe, light and sight, and energy and radiation have been developed to give secondary school science signing students a better opportunity to engage with Physics and Engineering.
Phrases like light year and x-ray now have their own sign when previously finger-spelling and lip-reading were the most common methods for teachers assistants to communicate the meaning of their lessons. The signs use common BSL techniques to help students understand the concepts behind the phrases. BSL metaphors are used to produce signs for ‘mass’ and ‘weight’; the researchers use a closed fist to communicate ‘mass’ while ‘weight’ is communicated by a fist being pulled down (the effect of gravity on mass being metaphorically implied).

Using the five features of British Sign Language’s phonology (handshape, orientation, location, movement and facial expression) the new signs have been developed. The project has also developed, in BSL, definitions for each term. These definitions explain the meaning of the term or provide an example of how it can be used.

The research team from The Scottish Sensory Centre, launched the new signs during the event at the Royal Academy of Engineering, 19 June.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Thinking about University?

An exciting opportunity from the Univeristy of West London to understand more about access at University as a deaf learner

PDDCS Parent Club 11th July

Parent Club is a place where parents and carers of deaf children can meet and share knowledge and experience. It's the only forum in the area that specifically caters for those who care for deaf children and is usually held 6 times a year. The next Parent Club will be in the 11th July.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Family Fun day - your feedback requested

We are planning ahead for the coming year and  would welcome your feedback on the PDDCS Family Fun Day which took place on the 19th May.

Follow this link It only takes 5 minutes.

Thank you in advance.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Deaf Role Model - Danny Lane visits Peterborough

Today Danny Lane, the Education Manager from the Music and the Deaf organisation, visited our monthly Music and the Deaf sessions which are run by Cambridgeshire Music. Danny, who has amazing music talent, expressed how impressed he was with the skill and commitment of all the young people (50% of whom travel from Cambridge to attend these sessions). He also thanks the dedication and support of the parents and adults who help make these sessions happen.

Danny enjoying his unplanned involvement with the Indian dancing.

Danny will be returning to Peterborough to support the concert on 21st July at the Parkway Club. Everyone is welcome to attend.

PDDCS Playscheme August 2012

Play Scheme

Friday, 22 June 2012

Andy's Answer: Student response

Regular readers will recall Fatima's story 'About Me' and her lovely art work. Fatima now shares with us her first poem:

My name is Fatima
I am 13 years old
I go to Jack Hunt School
I work hard and do what I'm told

I'm happy, nice and kind
I am deaf but I don't mind
I have joined the deaf youth club
I have lots of fun

My favourite subject is Art
I like to paint and draw
I also like Maths
My favourite number is four

Watch this space for Andy's comeback.....

Love animals and want to go on TV?

CBBC are looking for deaf young people aged 8-14 to take part in a new TV programme- Pet School and talk about PETS!

You need to be free to do about 12 days of filming in July or August.

And one of your parents needs to agree to being on this new show too.

Deaf young people who want pets, or want to learn more about looking after pets should apply.

For more information and/or download the application form then click here
Deadline 29 June.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

PDDCS Youth Meet ups - June/July 2012

Meet Ups in June. July 2012[4]

'Physics in BSL' Event in London - Tuesday 19th June 2012

Thank you to David Kettle from the British Deaf Astronomy Association for passing on these details.

Students, teachers, BSL/English interpreters, communication support workers and others involved in making the science curriculum accessible to students who sign are invited to attend a free dissemination event for the project on 19th June 2012 at The Royal Academy of Engineering in Central London .

The team of Deaf scientists and sign linguists from the Scottish Sensory Centre (SSC) who developed the BSL science sign glossary targeted at KS3 and KS4 science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) have been working on the production of new BSL signs for Physics and Engineering-related terms.

Audrey Cameron, Gary Quinn and Rachel O'Neill will be presenting the findings from the project which is funded by the STEM Disability Committee.

The afternoon session featuring an interactive science show based around experiments that show the signs in action shows very engaging.

To reserve a place email or call them on 0207 766 0600.

Sign_Language Science London Event

Friday, 15 June 2012

New international campaign - Captioning

This month an international media campaign has been launched to raise awareness of captioning in theatres and elsewhere. A new film produced by Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning (CCAC) in the US has been launched as part of the international media campaign to increase the availability of captions and subtitles in all walks of life.

Captions and subtitles help many access media. Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people from the US, Australia, Pakistan, Belgium, Russia and the UK explain why captions are so important to them in everyday life.
Watch the short film.

Share it.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Poetry war - the first reply

Well a few weeks back Andy submitted his second poem and invited some competition for this poetry war. The first reply has been received...

Jack Hunt

I left Jack Hunt in 1992
And brings memories with me
20 or so years later, I came back to Jack Hunt to work
Everyday I walked to work I'll smiled
The memories are around Jack Hunt School
Which is beautiful!
Some teachers are still around after all those years !!
Jack Hunt have change alot since I left
Thinking how lucky the deaf students are now
They all have those lessons and learn
With all those lovely Ladies and two gentlemen TAs
And a wonderful 'deaf Team' Leader who work hard to get things organised
I wish in 1987 that Jack Hunt School would give me the chance
the lessons that I wanted to attend
And the TAs when I do my exams
I was all alone in a quiet sport hall
Wasn't allowed to have TA sit next to me
I just want to understands the questions
I believe I have better results
I'm glad Jack Hunt School have the chance to give them the lessons that I wanted in the past
I loved geography and keen to learn history
The students smiled when they receive the postcards,they know they done well in lessons
They bright, funny, cheeky and a tease
Most of all, they all good students and do well in many years to come
If I wasn't in Jack Hunt school now I wouldn't have wrote poems !!!!!
Jack Hunt a great mainstream school

by Deaf TA

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Free BSL dictionary app

This month the University of Bristol Centre for Deaf Studies have announced the launch of a free British Sign Language dictionary app – MobileSign with a library of over 4000 signs. For more information follow this link

Don't forget the fingerspelling app we posted about back in January

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Save services for deaf children

Susan Daniels OBE, Chief Executive at the National Deaf Children's Society has created an epetition to Department for Education to intervene to protect specialist services for deaf children

The petition takes a few minutes to complete

Click here

Your support makes a difference

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Poetry - Andy's Answer!

Are you sitting comfortably,
For another instalment of poetry?
I found myself with fifteen free
which I'm using to write expressively

See I gotta win this poetry war
I gotta try and settle the score
Zaimah's sonnet knocked off my socks
Now its my turn to write something that rocks

I could write about the wind and rain
But I think that would be a little mundane
I could write about a walk in the park.
A lark, a shark or a question mark.

I could write about the beautiful scene
At sunset when I was seventeen
Or the time I ran in the pouring rain
Soaked to the skin and never again

I could tell you all about what it was like
When I crashed my car into a dyke
Or explain my feelings of joy in this rhyme
Of when I saw my son for the very first time

So many things a poem can express
A poem can bring out your very, very best
So Zamiah (or your friends) I await your poetic reply
But until then, enjoy your holidays ... and goodbye!

By Andy

Your turn!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

TLM's £3,000 Sky Dive Pictures are here!

Ever so slightly excited .. The Three Little Midgets (TLM) all smiles after suiting-up.

There's the plane that the TLM will jump from - someone check the oil, would ya? 
Doesn't matter how much you flap - the parachute is the only way down if you like breathing ... 

TLM (Katie Bocking, Chyanne Golding and Tara Forkin) inside the cafe with helmets, goggles and parachutes on. Time for a last minute burger? 
Is she saying 'GOAL' or 'NOOO!'? My lipreading isn't all that good. Anyway - who scored?

Oil..check .. Petrol ... Check .. Propeller .. Check .. TLM .. Check .. Parachutes .. Check ..
Three Grand? .. Cheque! Get up the there girls!
No turning back now .. so  I guess it's time to push some scenery past the windows .. and then the girls out of the door. 

On the way down now .. Impossible to tell which one this is but its one of them, I promise.  Even if I did know which one it was, if I told you, I'd have to kill you.
Back in the war days, there was a saying .. Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes .. camera's these days have wonderful zoom lenses and stuff though - although you wouldn't know it from the last two pictures.

Ah that's better .. here comes .. er, one of them! It's my age. Eyesight ain't what it used to be. If you can make it out - leave    your suggestion in the comments and I'll update it after my nap. 

A midget has landed and bought £3,000 with her. 

Back on terra-firma (that means solid earth in Latin) and the TLM with their experts face the cameras and the adoring friends and family who, to be frank, think these three girls are awesome. Their bravery is gonna put plenty of smiles on deaf children's faces this year.